• Coloring your hair is one of the most therapeutic activities you can do to de-stress and express yourself. But for beginners, trying to color your own hair at home is terrifying. Who knows how your hair will turn out, right?

    A beginner’s guide to coloring your hair at home!

  • A lot of people warn against coloring your hair because in the past, hair dyes had heavy metals and harsh chemicals that made hair brittle & lifeless. Of course, it doesn’t help that we hear a lot of horror stories that range from allergic reactions to getting chemical burns.

    In the Burgundy (or Mahogany?) of Health: Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

  • Who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, stood in front of the drugstore or supermarket aisle, contemplating on whether you should pick up that box of Kolours and do a DIY hair change? Or maybe you’ve just marveled at other people’s amazingly-colored locks and thought to yourself: “Someday, someday…”

    Dye Another Day? Should You Color Your Hair or Not?”

  • With all the advice blogs and expert interviews on coloring your hair, it may seem like a very daunting experience full of complicated things to understand and learn. Well, you need not worry very much because at the core of it all, coloring your hair is all about understanding basic color theory - what color complements your natural skin tone. Achieving the best look for you can be as simple as understanding your skin - and it’s going to be a fun, colorful ride from there!

    It’s A Match! Picking the Perfect Kolours for your Hair

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, grey hair - just some of the telltale signs that we’re aging. While it’s inevitable that time catches up with us, we still have a lot of say when it comes to aging gracefully. We have creams, moisturizers, and vitamins to take care of the rest of our body, and of course, we have a lot of ways to take care of our aging hair.

    Golden Tips for Hair in Its Golden Years